Biological Classification MCQs

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MCQs on Biological Classification

Biological classification is the process of categorising living organisms based on their similarities and differences. It is also referred to as taxonomy. Organisms are divided into five kingdoms:

Kingdom Monera

Kingdom Protista

Kingdom Fungi

Kingdom  Plantae

Kingdom Animalia.

There are three types of biological classification: artificial, natural, and phylogenetic. The biological classification has enabled the identification of organisms based on their characteristics.

MCQ on Biological Classification

1. Which of the following organisms can be found in highly saline environments?

a. Eubacteria

b. Archaebacteria

c. Cyanobacteria

d. Mycobacteria

2. Linnaeus used which classification kingdom?

a. Artificial system

b. Natural system

c. Phylogenetic system

d. Asexual system

3. ———– is the smallest taxon of classification.

a. Kingdom

b. Family

c. Variety

d. Species

4. In which kingdom are Archaea and Nitrogen-fixing organisms classified?

a. Animalia

b. Plantae

c. Monera

d. Fungi

5. Which classification system was devised by Bentham and Hooker?

a. Numerical

b. Phylogenetic

c. Artificial

d. Natural

6. What is the main classification basis in the five-kingdom system?

a. Structure of the nucleus

b. Structure of cell wall

c. Asexual Reproduction

d. Mode of Nutrition

7. Which of the following statements about fungi is false?

a. They are eukaryotes

b. They are heterotrophs

c. They possess a purely cellulosic cell wall

d. None of the above

8. —————- Cause of African sleeping sickness is?

a. Trypanozoma cruzi

b. Trypanozoma Tangela

c. Trypanozoma rhodesiense

d. Trypanozoma gambiense

9. Linnaeus developed a nomenclature system known as?

a. Vernacular

b. Monomial

c. Polynomial

d. Binomial

10. What is a taxon?

a. A group of related families

b. A type of living organisms

c. A group of related species

d. A group of any ranking

11. Phylogenetic classification is based on _______.

a. Overall similarities

b. Habit of plants

c. Common evolutionary descendants

d. All of these

12. Static concept of species was proposed by _______.

a. Darwin

b. Theophrastus

c. Linnaeus

d. De Candolle

13. Which of the following is possessed by protists?

a. Free nucleic acid aggregates

b. Nucleoprotein in direct contact with the rest of the cell substance

c. Membrane-bound nucleoproteins within the cytoplasm

d. Nucleoproteins condensed together in a loose mass

14. Tobacco Mosaic Virus genes are?

a. Double-stranded RNA

b. Single-stranded RNA

c. Double-stranded DNA

d. Proteinaceous

15. Which group does blue-green algae belong to?

a. Protista

b. Prokaryotes

c. Fungi

d. Bryophytes

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Biological Classification MCQs

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