Biology MCQ

Biology MCQ is an important part of school, UG and PG courses. As the subject is completely theoretical, it’s easier for students to make notes while reading the chapters. Taking notes not only helps in understanding the topic but also makes our studies organised. So, to help students with their studies we are providing the biology MCQ notes for school, UG and PG students. 

1. Air Pollution MCQs with Answers

2. Animal Biotechnology MCQ with Answers

3. Basic Botany MCQs with Answers

4. Biodiversity and Conservation MCQ

5. Bioinformatics MCQ with Answers

6. Biological Classification MCQs

7. Biological Databases Multiple Choice Questions

8. Biotechnology Multiple Choice with Answer

9. Body Fluids And Circulation MCQ

10. Cell Biology MCQ Questions and Answers

11. Cell Biology Multiple Choice Questions With Answers

12. Cell Cycle and Cell Division MCQ

13. Cell Signaling MCQ

14. Chromatography MCQ Questions and Answers

15. Cloning Vectors MCQs

16. Communicable Diseases MCQs with Answers

17. Digestion and Absorption MCQ

18. DNA Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

19. Electrophoresis MCQ Questions

20. Environment & Pollution Control MCQ Questions

21. Environmental Pollution MCQ Questions

22. Gas Chromatography MCQ Questions

23. Genetic Engineering MCQ Questions and Answers

24. Genetics MCQs

25. Ion Exchange Chromatography MCQ with Answers

26. Kingdom Fungi MCQs with Answers

27. MCQ Biodiversity and its Conservation

28. MCQ for Carbohydrates

29. MCQ on Anatomy

30. MCQ on Asexual Reproduction

31. MCQ on Bioinformatics

32. MCQ on Biostatistics with Answers

33. MCQ on Carbohydrates with Answers

34. MCQ on Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance

35. MCQ on Cloning Vectors

36. MCQ on Cytoplasm

37. MCQ on Digestive System with Answers

38. MCQ on DNA Sequencing With Answers

39. MCQ on Electrophoresis Techniques

40. MCQ on Entomology

41. MCQ on General Mycology

42. MCQ on Health and Hygiene

43. MCQ On Immunology

44. MCQ on Liver and Biliary System

45. MCQ on Lysosomes

46. MCQ on Microscopy with Answers

47. MCQ on Molecular Biology Techniques

48. MCQ on Mollusca

49. MCQ on Multiple Sequence Alignment

50. MCQ on PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)

51. MCQ on PCR Technique

52. MCQ on Proteins

53. MCQ on Reproduction in Organisms

54. MCQ on Respiratory System

55. MCQ on Solid Waste Management

56. MCQ on Types of Asexual Reproduction

57. MCQ on Vitamins and Minerals

58. MCQ on Water Pollution with Answers

59. MCQ Questions on Monosaccharides

60. MCQ Questions on Plant Biotechnology

61. MCQ Questions on Plant Biotechnology

62. MCQs on Algae with Answers

63. MCQs on Ecology and Ecosystem

64. MCQs on Plant Kingdom

65. MCQs on Vitamins

66. Meiosis Multiple Choice Questions

67. Microbiology MCQ

68. Mineral Nutrition MCQ

69. Molecular Basis of Inheritance MCQ

70. Molecular Biology Objective Questions

71. Molecular Biology Quiz with Answers

72. Molecular Markers MCQ Questions

73. Multiple Choice Questions on Cell Biology

74. Multiple Choice Questions on DNA Extraction

75. Multiple Choice Questions on Gene Transfer Methods

76. Multiple Choice Questions on Heredity and Evolution

77. Multiple Choice Questions on Nucleus

78. Objective Questions on Molecular Biology

79. Paper Chromatography MCQ with Answers

80. Plant Anatomy MCQs

81. Plant Tissue Culture MCQ with Answers

82. Principles of Inheritance and Variation MCQ

83. rDNA Technology MCQ

84. Recombinant DNA Technology MCQ

85. Reproduction in Flowering Plants MCQs

86. Reproduction in Organisms MCQ

87. Research Methodology MCQ for PhD

88. Restriction Enzymes MCQ Questions

89. RNA MCQ with Answers

90. RNA Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

91. Structural Organisation in Animals MCQ

92. Thin Layer Chromatography MCQ with Answers

Biology MCQ are created by subject experts and are written in such a way that students can easily understand and remember them. These notes will also play an effective role during revision and exam preparation. Students can also download these Biology MCQ in the form of pdf for later reference.