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Biotechnology Multiple Choice with Answer

Biotechnology multiple choice with answer below can help students evaluate their knowledge of concepts. Answers are also given MCQ on biotechnology to help you remember. Try our MCQ on biotechnology to see if you can get all the answers right for the questions below.

Biotechnology Multiple Choice with Answer

Biotechnology is a broad area of Biology that utilizes living organisms and living systems to create new products beneficial to the human race. It can be used in a variety of areas like agriculture and medicine. It uses molecular and cellular processes to produce products and techniques that improve the lives of individuals and the environment.

MCQ on Biotechnology

1. Restriction enzymes were discovered by?

a. Smith and Nathans

b. Alexander Fleming

c. Berg

d. None

2. Bacteria guard themselves against viruses by separating viral DNA?

a. Ligase

b. Endonuclease

c. Exonuclease

d. Gyrase

3. Klenow fragments are an precursor of?

a. DNA Ligase

b. DNA Pol-I

c. DNA Pol-II

d. Reverse Transcriptase

4. ELISA is?

a. Using radiolabelled second antibody

b. Usage of RBCs

c. Using complement-mediated cell lysis

d. Addition of substrate that is converted into a coloured end product

5. The Golden Rice variety is rich in?

a. Vitamin C

b. Β-carotene and ferritin

c. Biotin

d. Lysine

6. The DNA fragments are sticky ends because of?

a. Endonuclease

b. Unpaired bases

c. Calcium ions

d. Free methylation

7. The Human Genome Project was announced in the year?

a. 1980

b. 1973

c. 1990

d. 1989

8. What is modified genetically?

a. Bt-cotton

b. Bt-brinjal

c. Golden rice

d. All

9. The PCR technique was developed by?

a. Karry Mullis

b. Boyer

c. Sanger

d. Cohn

10. First transgenic plant ever made is?

a. Brinjal

b. Tobacco

c. Rice

d. Cotton

11. The interference of RNA is a crucial factor in?

a. Cell proliferation

b. Micropropagation

c. Cell defense

d. Cell differentiation

12. The excision and the insertion of a gene are known as?

a. Biotechnology

b. Genetic engineering

c. Cytogenetics

d. Gene therapy

13. A transgene’s expression inside tissue of interest is detected through an?

a. Transgene

b. Promoter

c. Enhancer

d. Reporter

14. Southern Blotting is?

a. Attachment of probes to DNA fragments

b. Transfer of DNA fragments from electrophoretic gel to a nitrocellulose sheet

c. Comparison of DNA fragments to two sources

d. Transfer of DNA fragments to electrophoretic gel from cellulose membrane

15. _____ is a product of biotechnology.

a. Bacteria

b. Skin

c. Vaccine

d. Plants

Answer Key

Biotechnology MCQs

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