Cell Cycle and Cell Division MCQ

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MCQ on Cell Cycle

A cell cycle is a sequence of events that occur in a cell as it grows and divides. A cell spends the majority of its time in what is known as interphase, which is when it grows, replicates its chromosomes, and prepares for cell division.

MCQ on Cell Cycle

1. The term “Meiosis” was coined by ———and ————-.

a. Van Burin and Hertwig

b. Boveri and Stuka

c. Walleye and Hofmeister

d. Farmer and Moore

2. Chromatids coiling during meiotic and mitotic division is referred to as?

a. Plectonemic in both

b. Paranemic in both

c. Paranemic in mitosis and plectonemic in meiosis

d. Plectonemic in mitosis and paranemic in meiosis

3. An increase in chromatin condensation during the cell division process ?

 a. Heterochromatin increases

b. Euchromatin increases

c. Differentiation of euchromatin & heterochromatin decreases

d. Differentiation of euchromatin & heterochromatin increases

4. In ______, chromosome condensation is observed.

a. Prophase 1

b. Anaphase 1

c. Metaphase 1

d. None of the above

5. The ———– phase is when nuclear DNA replicates.

a. G2 phase

b. M phase

c. S phase

d. None of the above

6. _________ is a form of cell division results in the creation of gametes or sex cells.

a. Mitosis

b. Meiosis

c. Miosis

d. None of the above

7. ____ is the number of DNA in the chromosome at the G2 stage of the cell cycle?

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 0

8. The stage which serves as a connecting link between meiosis 1 and meiosis 2

a. Interphase 2

b. Interphase 1

c. Interkineses

d. None of the above

9. The longest stage in the cell cycle is?

a. Interphase

b. Anaphase

c. Metaphase

d. None of the above

10. The _______ state implies the exit of cells from the cell cycle?

a. S

b. G1

c. G2

d. G0

11. Synapsis is defined as the pairing of ________

a. Acentric chromosomes

b. Non-homologous chromosomes

c. Any chromosomes

d. Homologous chromosomes

12. Mitosis can be observed in _____

a. Polyploid individual

b. Diploid individual

c. Haploid individual

d. Both (A,) (B) and (C)

13. The spindle apparatus is formed during the ________ phase of mitosis.

a. Telophase

b. Metaphase

c. Prophase

d. Anaphase

14. Cyclin is associated with ___________

a. Leptospirosis

b. Glycolysis

c. Cylosis

d. Mitosis

15. If an individual wants to view diakinesis, which of these would be

a. Hair

b. Leaf

c. Onion root

d. Flower bud

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Cell Cycle and Cell Division MCQ

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