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Hemicellulose Estimation Method

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Hemicellulose estimation method post we briefly summarises about: principle, reagents requirements, estimation of hemicelluloses procedure, result, application and limitations of estimation of hemicelluloses.

Estimation of Hemicelluloses

Hemicelluloses are polysaccharides that form a hydrogen bond with cellulose microfibrils in the matrix. Arabans, xylans, galactans, and mannans are all found in all woody tissues. Hemicellulose, unlike cellulose, has different components in different plants. The most important biological role of hemicelluloses is their contribution to strengthening the cell wall by interaction with cellulose and, in some walls, with lignin. 


The water soluble and Materials over the fibrous component are removed by flushing the sample material with neutral detergent solution. After filtration, the remaining material is weighed and represented as neutral detergent fibre (NDF).



Neutral Detergent: 6.81g sodium borate decahydrate and 18.61g disodium ethylenediamine tetraacetate fill a beaker halfway with the mixture. Heat to dissolve in about 200mL of distilled water, and then add a solution containing 30g sodium lauryl sulphate and 10mL 2-ethoxy ethanol (about 100 to 200mL). To this, add a solution containing 4.5g of disodium hydrogen phosphate (about 100mL). Adjust the pH to 7.0 and increase the volume to one litre for estimation of hemicelluloses.


1. Beaker

2. Distilled Water


1. In a refluxing flask, add 10mL of cold neutral detergent solution to 1g of powdered sample. 2mL decahydronaphthalene and 0.5g sodium sulphite are added to the mixture.

2. Bring to a boil, and then reduce to a low heat for 60 minutes. Filter the contents with a suction filter through a sintered glass crucible (G-2) and wash with hot water.

3. Finally at estimation of hemicelluloses, give it two acetate washes. Transfer the residue to a crucible and dry for 8 hours at 100°C. In a desiccator, cool the crucible and weigh it.


 Hemicellulose = Neutral detergent fiber (NDF) – Acid detergent fiber (ADF)

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