Genetics MCQs

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Genetics MCQs

The study of genes, genetic variations, and heredity in organisms is referred to as genetics. Gregor Mendel discovered it while studying the inheritance patterns in a pea plant. The trait that determined the phenotype of the offspring was dominant, while the other was recessive.

Genetics MCQ PDF

1. The proclivity of an offspring to resemble its parent is referred to as

a. Variation

b. Heredity

c. Resemblance

d. Inheritance

2. Who is referred to as the “Father of Genetics”?

a. Morgan

b. Mendel

c. Watson

d. Bateson

3. A gene’s alternative form is

a. Alternate type

b. Recessive character

c. Dominant character

d. Allele

4. A monohybrid cross’s genotypic ratio is

a. 1:2:1

b. 3:1

c. 2:1:1

d. 9:3:3:1

5. The crossing of F1 to either parent is referred to as

a. Test cross

b. Back cross

c. F1 cross

d. All of the above

6. Which of the following statements about the “law of segregation” is correct?

a. Law of segregation is the law of purity of genes

b. Alleles separate from each other during gametogenesis

c. Segregation of factors is due to the segregation of chromosomes during meiosis

d. All of the above

7. An individual’s homozygosity and heterozygosity can be determined by

a. Back cross


c. Test cross

d. All of the above

8. An exception to Mendel’s law is

a. Independent assortment

b. Linkage

c. Dominance

d. Purity of gametes

9. Mendel’s experiments used pea plants because

a. They were cheap

b. They had contrasting characters

c. They were available easily

d. All of the above

10. The smallest unit of genetic material which produces a phenotypic mutation is

a. Muton

b. Gene

c. Recon

d. Nucleic acid

11. Mendel’s findings were rediscovered by

a. Correns

b. De Vries

c. Tschermark

d. All

12. Alleles are

a. Alternate forms of genes

b. Linked genes

c. Chromosomes that have crossed over

d. Homologous chromosomes

13. Gene’s activity is suppressed by the activity of a non-allelic gene is?

a. Pseudo-dominance

b. Hypostasis

c. Epistasis

d. Incomplete dominance

14. Cystic fibrosis is

a. Sex-linked recessive disorder

b. Autosomal dominant disorder

c. Autosomal recessive disorder

d. Sex-linked dominant disorder

15. 9:7 ratio in the F2 generation represents

a. Incomplete dominance

b. Co-dominance

c. Epistasis

d. Complementary interaction

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Genetics MCQs

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