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RNA Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

RNA multiple choice questions and answers can help students evaluate their knowledge on DNA structure and functions. MCQ on RNA answers are also given to help you remember. Try our MCQ on RNA to see if you can get all the answers right for the questions below.

RNA Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is a molecule similar to DNA. Unlike DNA, RNA is single-stranded. An RNA strand has a backbone made of alternating sugar (ribose) and phosphate groups. 


1. Molecules play the key role in genetic information transfer in protein synthesis is?

a) DNA

b) RNA

c) Nucleic acid

d) Lipids

2. Double helix formed by RNA is more stable than DNA.

a) True

b) False

3. Which form of structure has been adopted by RNA?

a) A-form

b) B-form

c) Z-form

d) D-form

4. Which RNA molecule carry genetic information copied from DNA?

a) tRNA

b) mRNA

c) rRNA

d) snRNA

5. Which RNA molecule convert information to protein?

a) mRNA

b) snRNA

c) rRNA

d) tRNA

6. Name the secondary structure of tRNA?

a) Cloverleaf

b) L-shaped

c) Duplex

d) Triple Helix

7. Name the RNA molecule which takes part in the formation of the ribosome?

a) mRNA

b) tRNA

c) rRNA

d) gRNA

8. Name the class of RNA which takes part in RNA Editing?

a) snRNA

b) tRNA

c) gRNA

d) SiRNA

9. RNA is the genetic material in

a) Viruses only

b) In some viruses and some prokaryotes

c) In some viruses and some prokaryotes and rarely in eukaryotes

d) Only in some viruses

10. RNA is

a) Single stranded

b) Double stranded

c) Triple stranded

d) Both a and b

11. The sugar in RNA is

a) Deoxyribose

b) Ribose

c) Hexose

d) Fructose

12. Nucleotides in RNA are joined by

a) 3’5’ phosphodiester bond

b) 3’4’ phosphodiester bond

c) 3’2’ phosphodiester bond

d) 3’6’ phosphodiester bond

13. Thymine in DNA is replaced by

a) Guanine in RNA

b) Adenine in RNA

c) Cytosine in RNA

d) Uracil in RNA

14. The most abundant type of RNA in the cell is

a) rRNA

b) mRNA

c) tRNA

d) hnRNA

15. rRNA is synthesized in

a) nucleus

b) Cytoplasm

c) RER

d) Nucleolus


  1. DNA
  2. True
  3. A-form
  4. mRNA
  5. tRNA
  6. Cloverleaf
  7. rRNA
  8. gRNA
  9. Only in some viruses
  10. Single stranded
  11. Ribose
  12. 3’5’ phosphodiester bond
  13. Uracil in RNA
  14. tRNA
  15.  Nucleolus

We hope MCQ on RNA post helps you understand RNA structure, function, components, and concepts. Share MCQ on RNA post with your friends. 

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