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MCQ on Animal Biotechnology

MCQ on Animal Biotechnology; can help students evaluate their knowledge of concepts in Animal Science (Biotechnology). Answers are also given for animal biotechnology MCQ to help you remember. Try our animal biotechnology MCQ to see if you can get all the answers right for the questions below.

MCQ on Animal Biotechnology

Animal biotechnology is a sub-discipline of biotechnology where molecular biology methods are employed to engineer genetically (i.e., alter the genomes of) animals to increase their suitability for industrial, agriculture, or pharmaceutical uses.

Animal Biotechnology MCQ

1. Animal biotechnology usually involves

a. Production of valuable products in animals using rDNA technology

b. Rapid multiplication of animals of desired genotypes

c. Alteration of genes to make it more desirable

d. All of these

2. Animal cell cultures are widely used in the manufacturing of?

a. Insulin

b. Somatostatin

c. Mabs

d. Thyroxine

3. The first vaccination derived from animal cell culture was?

a. Hepatitis B vaccine

b. Influenza vaccine

c. Small pox vaccine

d. Polio vaccine

4. In animal cell cultures, which of the following is frequently produced?

a. Interferon

b. Mab

c. Vaccines

d. All of These

5. The cell line that was used to make the polio vaccine was

a. Primate kidney cell line

b. CHO cell line

c. Dog kidney cell line

d. Mouse fibroblast cell line

6. Recombinant proteins are

a. Proteins synthesized in animals

b. Proteins synthesized by transgene in host cell by rDNA technology

c. Proteins synthesised in cells that are produced by protoplast fusion

d. Proteins synthesized in mutated cell lines

7. Interferons are

a. Anti-Bacterial Proteins

b. Anti-Viral Proteins

c. Bacteriostatic Proteins

d. All of These

8. The virus that is usually used to infect cell cultures for interferon production is?

a. Corona virus

b. Sendai virus

c. Polio virus

d. Small pox virus

9. Hybrid antibodies are

a. Antibodies produced in cell cultures

b. Antibodies designed using rDNA technology produced in cell cultures

c. Antibodies produced in in vivo

d. Both A and B

10. Animal biotechnology uses which process of rapid multiplication and manufacture of animals with a desired genotype.

a. Protoplast fusion and embryo transfer

b. Hybrid selection and embryo transfer

c. In vitro fertilization and embryo transfer

d. All of these

11. The generation of full creatures from an animal’s somatic cells is referred to as

a. Gene cloning

b. Animal cloning

c. Cell cloning

d. All of these

12. The first animal to be successfully cloned was

a. Monkey

b. Gibbon

c. Sheep

d. Rabbit

13. In humans, kids born through in vitro fertilisation and embryo transfer are commonly referred to as

a. In-vitro babies

b. Test tube babies

c. Invitro-Invivo babies

d. All of these

14. Which of the following cell line is the oldest?

a. Hela cell line

b. Vero cell line

c. CHO cell line

d. BHK cell line

15. For the manufacture of recombinant sex hormones, which cell line is used?

a. BHK cell line

b. Vero cell line

c. Hela cell line

d. CHO cell line

Answer Key

MCQ on Animal Biotechnology

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