MCQ on Asexual Reproduction

Multiple choice questions & answers MCQ on asexual reproduction article explains about MCQ on asexual reproduction method.

MCQ on Asexual Reproduction

MCQ on Asexual Reproduction

1. Which of these goes through binary fission?

a) Amoeba

b) Hydra

c) Yeast

d) Ring worm

2. How does hydra reproduce?

a) Gemmules

b) Budding

c) Conidia

d) Zoospores

3. Which living thing goes through encystation?

a) Plants

b) Amoeba

c) Ring worm

d) Fungi

4. Amoeba undergoes sporulation.

a) False

b) True

5. What does the picture below show?

a) Buds in yeast

b) Zoospores in Chlamydomonas

c) Conidia in Penicillium

d) Gemmules in sponges

MCQ on Asexual Reproduction

6. Which of these is a good example of a runner?

a) Lolium multiflorum

b) Narcissus

c) Bryophyllum daigremontianum

d) Kalanchoe

7. What is budding in yeast also called?

a) Archaeocytes

b) Vegetative propagation

c) Torulation

d) Fragmentation

8. Which of these is not vegetative propagation?

a) Offset

b) Sucker

c) Rhizome

d) Fragmentation

9. Which of these is often called “walking fern”?

a) Kalanchoe

b) Saintpaulia

c) Begonia

d) Adiantum caudatum

10. Offset is also known as a ………?

a) Thick runner

b) Thin tuber

c) Long rhizome

d) Short suckers

MCQ on Asexual Reproduction Answers

MCQ on Asexual Reproduction

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