MCQ on Liver and Biliary System

MCQ on Liver; can help students evaluate their knowledge of  liver structure and functions. Answers are also given for MCQ on liver to help you remember. Try our MCQ on Liver to see if you can get all the answers right for the questions below.

MCQ on Liver

The liver is a large, meaty organ that sits on the right side of the belly. Weighing about 3 pounds, the liver is reddish-brown in color and feels rubbery to the touch.

MCQ on Liver

1. Which of the following is the body’s largest gland?

a. Stomach

b. Liver

c. Bladder

d. Heart

2. What is the location of the liver in the body?

a. Beside the pancreas

b. Beside heart

c. Above kidney

d. Above stomach

3. Which enzyme is activated by bile salts?

a. Lipase

b. Pepsinogen

c. Pancreatic lipase

d. Trypsin

4. “Glisson capsule” is seen in _________?

a. Kidneys

b. Liver

c. Pancreas

d. Stomach

5. Which of the following vitamins can the liver produce?

a. Vitamin A

b. Vitamin B

c. Vitamin C

d. Vitamin D

6. How much bile is produced by the liver every 24 hours?

a. 36 ounces

b. 30 ounces

c. 18 ounces

d. 24 ounces

7. What is the average weight of a healthy adult’s liver?

a. 1.4kg

b. 2.3kg

c. 0.9kg

d. 1.8kg

8. Which of the following functions does the human liver perform?

a. Production of bile

b. Metabolization of fats

c. Metabolization of carbohydrates

d. All of the above

9. Albumin is the most important protein in blood serum. It is produced by?

a. Heart

b. Lungs

c. Liver

d. Endocrine glands

10. What is the location of the liver in the human body?

a. Beside pancreas

b. Beside heart

c. Beside kidney

d. Above the abdominal cavity

11. The liver stores which of the following vitamins?

a. Vitamin K

b. Vitamin D

c. Vitamin E

d. All of the above

12. What is the most common form of incurable viral hepatitis?

a. Hepatitis A

b. Hepatitis B

c. Hepatitis C

d. Hepatitis D

13. Severe, acute or incurable liver disease results in?

a. Blood clotting

b. Production of blood proteins

c. Elimination of water, drugs and toxins from the body

d. All of the above

14. What happens when you drink too much alcohol over a long period of time?

a. Fascioliasis

b. Fatty liver disease

c. Alcoholic liver disease

d. Primary sclerosing cholangitis

15. Which is the best way to prevent hepatitis?                                          

a. Vaccination

b. Personal hygiene

c. Safe food and water

d. All of the above

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MCQs on Liver

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