Meiosis Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ on Meiosis)

Meiosis multiple choice questions focuses on MCQ on meiosis, meiosis cell division, stages and importance, etc. 

MCQ on meiosis

1. Which statement explains meiosis’ evolutionary advantage?

a) Sexual reproduction requires meiosis

b) Meiosis and mitosis alternate between generations

c) Same genetic system passed down

d) Generation-to-generation genetic recombination

2. Meiotic division is a process that takes place in the?

a) Vegetative cells

b) Meristematic cells

c) Conductive cells

d) Reproductive cells

3. Meiosis I is reductional division. Meiosis II is equational division due to

a) Crossing over

b) Separation of chromatids

c) Pairing of homologous chromosomes

d) Disjunction of homologous chromosomes

4. Meiosis 2 performs

a) Separation of sex chromosomes

b) Synthesis of DNA and centromere

c) Separation of homologous chromosomes

d) Separation of chromatids

5. Mendelian factor (Aa) segregation occurs during

a) Diplotene

b) Zygotene/ Pachytene

c) Anaphase I

d) Anaphase II

6. Synapsis occurs between

a) mRNA and ribosomes

b) Spindle fibres and cetromere

c) a male and a female gamete

d) Two homologous chromosomes

7. Offspring cells in Meiosis differ from parent cell as well as from one another due to

a) Segregation, independent assortment and crossing over

b) Segregation and crossing over

c) Independent assortment and crossing over

d) Segregation and independent assortment

8. What happens during the prophase I of the crossing over?

a) Leptotene

b) Pachytene

c) Zygotene

d) Diplotene

9. Continual variations are acknowledged to

a) Polyploidy

b) Mutation

c) Crossing over

d) Chromosomal aberrations

10. In cell division, paternal and maternal chromosomes exchange contents this event called?

a) Synapsis

b) Crossing over

c) Dyad forming

d) Bivalent forming

Meiosis Multiple Choice Questions

1. d) Generation-to-generation genetic recombination

2. d) reproductive cells

3. b) Separation of chromatids

4. d) Separation of chromatids

5. c) Anaphase I

6. d) Two homologous chromosomes

7. a) Segregation, independent assortment and crossing over

8. b) Pachytene

9. c) Crossing over

10. b) Crossing over

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