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Plant Tissue Culture MCQ with Answers

Plant tissue culture MCQ with answers below can help students evaluate their knowledge of concepts. Answers are also given for MCQ on plant tissue culture to help you remember. Try our MCQ on plant tissue culture to see if you can get all the answers right for the questions below.

Plant Tissue Culture MCQ with Answers

Plant tissue culture is defined as cultivating plant seeds, organs, explants, tissues, cells, or protoplasts on a chemically defined synthetic nutrient media under sterile and controlled light, temperature, and humidity conditions.

MCQ on Plant Tissue Culture

1. Who is known as the “Father of Tissue Culture”?

a. Bonner

b. Haberlandt

c. Laibach

d. Gautheret

2. Secondary metabolite production necessitates the use of?

a. Protoplast

b. Cell Suspension

c. Meristem

d. Auxillary Buds

3. Synthetic seed is created by encasing a somatic embryo in?

a. Sodium Chloride

b. Sodium Alginate

c. Sodium Acetate

d. Sodium Nitrate

4. What is the hormone pair required for a callus to differentiate?

a. Auxin and Cytokinin

b. Auxin and Ethylene

c. Auxin and Absiccic Acid

d. Cytokinins and Gibberllin

5. DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) is used as?

a. Gelling Agent

b. Alkylating Agent

c. Chelating Agent

d. Cryoprotectant

6. As fusogens, the most commonly used chemical for protoplast fusion is

a. Manitol

b. Sorbitol

c. Mannol

d. Poly ethylene glycol (PEG)

7. Cybrids are created by

a. Fusion of two different nuclei from two different species

b. Fusion of two same nuclei from same species

c. Nucleus of one species but cytoplasm from both the parent species

d. None of the above

8. Callus is

a. Tissue that forms embryo

b. An insoluble carbohydrate

c. Tissue that grows to form embryoid

d. Un organised actively dividing mass of cells maintained in cultured

9. The plant part used for cultivation is referred to as

a. Scion

b. Explant

c. Stock

d. Callus

10. Apical dominance is produced by growth hormone.

a. Auxin

b. Gibberellin

c. Ethylene

d. Cytokinin

11. A medium made up of chemically defined compounds is referred to as

a. Natural media

b. Synthetic media

c. Artificial media

d. None of these

12. To obtain haploid plant, we culture

a. Entire anther

b. Nucleus

c. Embryo

d. Apical bud

13. Somaclonal variations are the ones

a. Caused by mutagens

b. Produce during tissue culture

c. Caused by gamma rays

d. Induced during sexual embryogeny

14. Which of the following plant cells is totipotent?

a. Xylem vessels

b. Sieve tube

c. Meristem

d. Cork cells

15. Which of the following vectors is most commonly used in crop improvement?

a. Plasmid

b. Cosmid

c. Phasmid

d. Agrobacterium

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MCQ on Plant Tissue Culture

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