Bioinformatics MCQ with Answers

Bioinformatics MCQ with answers can help students evaluate their knowledge of bioinformatics basics and history. Answers for Bioinformatics MCQ with answers post also given to help you remember. 

Bioinformatics MCQ with answers

1. Which of the following is an example of a tool for homology and similarity?


b. RasMol



2. When was the SWISSPROT protein sequence database established?

a. 1988

b. 1985

c. 1986

d. 1987

3. Which of the following scientists was first to create a bioinformatics database?

a. Dayhoff

b. Pearson

c. Richard Durbin

d. Michael.J.Dunn

4. The human genome is made up of approximately__________.

a. 6 billion base pairs

b. 5 billion base pairs

c. 3 billion base pairs

d. 4 billion base pairs

5. Which of the following tools is used for motif recognition?




d. Pattern hunter

6. In the year __________, the first molecular biology server expasy took place.

a. 1992

b. 1993

c. 1994

d. 1995

7. What is the term for the deposition of cDNA into an inert structure?

a. DNA probes

b. DNA polymerase

c. DNA microarrays

d. DNA fingerprinting

8. The identification of drugs through genomic research is known as__________.

a. Genomics

b. Pharmacogenomics

c. Pharmacogenetics

d. Cheminformatics

9. Which of the following compounds has the potential to be a drug?

a. Fit drug

b. Lead

c. Fit compound

d. All of the above

10. Proteomics refers to the study of __________.

a. Set of proteins in a specific region of the cell

b. Biomolecules

c. Set of proteins

d. The entire set of expressed proteins in the cell

11. Which of the following is not a bioinformatics application?

a. Drug designing

b. Data storage and management

c. Understand the relationships between organisms

d. None of the above

12. The term “in-vitro” is derived from the Latin word for__________.

a. Within the lab

b. Within the glass

c. Outside the lab

d. Outside the glass

13. In computer science, the stepwise method for solving problems is known as?

a. Flowchart

b. Algorithm

c. Procedure

d. Sequential design

14. The term Bioinformatics was coined by __________.

a. J.D Watson

b. Pauline Hogeweg

c. Margaret Dayhoff

d. Frederic Sanger

15. The computer simulation refers to __________.

a. Dry lab

b. In-vitro

c. In-silico

d. Wet lab

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