MCQs on Plant Kingdom

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MCQs on Plant Kingdom

Plants are all included in the Kingdom Plantae. They are multicellular, eukaryotic, and autotrophic organisms. A plant cell has a rigid cell wall. Plants contain chloroplasts and chlorophyll pigment, both of which are required for photosynthesis.

MCQ for Plant Kingdom

1. What do you call a plant that has seeds but no flowers or fruits?

a. Bryophytes

b. Gymnosperms

c. Mosses

d. Pteridophytes

2. What are the earliest vascular plants?

a. Mosses

b. Cycads

c. Kelps

d. Ferns

3. Plants with spores and embryos but no vascular tissues or seeds?

a. Rhodophyta

b. Bryophyta

c. Pteridophyta

d. Phaeophyta

4. Which of the following is not an exception in angiosperms?

a. Double fertilization

b. Secondary growth

c. Presence of vessels

d. Autotrophic nutrition

5. Pteridophytes differ from mosses in the following ways?

a. Independent gametophyte

b. Dependent gametophyte

c. Flagellate antherozoids

d. Independent and dominant sporophyte

6. Because of this, angiosperms are the dominant flora?

a. Domestication by man

b. Power of adapting in diverse habitats

c. Self-pollination property

d. Property of producing a large number of seeds

7. Plants that reproduce through spores are classified as

a. Bryophytes

b. Sporophytes

c. Cryptogams

d. Thallophytes

8. Plants with vascular tissue but no seeds

a. Angiosperm

b. Pteridophytes

c. Bryophytes

d. Gymnosperms

9. Plant group with the largest ovule, gametes, and tree?

a. Angiosperms

b. Gymnosperms

c. Pteridophytes

d. Bryophytes

10. Zygotic meiosis is the characteristic of

a. Fucus

b. Funaria

c. Marchantia

d. Chlamydomonas

11. Pick the mismatched pair

a. Cycas – Dioecious

b. Equisetum – Homosporous

c. Salvinia – Heterosporous

d. Pinus – Dioecious

12. A colonial alga is

a. Volvox

b. Chlorella

c. Ulothrix

d. Spirogyra

13. Double fertilization is the characteristic of

a. Algae

b. Gymnosperms

c. Fungi

d. Angiosperms

14. Because of this, conifers can withstand harsh environments?

a. Presence of vessels

b. Thick cuticle

c. Superficial stomata

d. Broad hardy leaves

15. First plants to inhabit the land

a. Angiosperms

b. Bryophytes

c. Gymnosperms

d. Pteridophytes

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MCQs on Plant Kingdom

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