Meaning and Functions of Museum

In this article we will discuss about the meaning and functions of museum.

Meaning of Museum

The Greek word mouseion is where the word museum comes from. In ancient Greece, the Muses, who were the goddesses of arts and sciences, worshipped at the Mouseion. A museum is a place where people can see works of art and educational materials. A collection is a group of things that can be looked at and studied.

There may be scientific specimens, works of art, exhibits, and information about history or technology in a collection. Art museums, history museums, applied science museums, natural science museums, and general museums are the five main types of museums.

Functions of Museums

Museums perform the following functions:

1. Acquisition of Materials

When a museum adds something new to its collection, this is called a “acquisition.” There are many ways for museums to get things, but field collection is one of the best. Scientists and technicians go outside to collect specimens and information on certain topics that the museum is interested in.

2. Recording of Materials

Specialists make careful lists of everything they acquired. As soon as objects are brought in, their data, source, how they were acquired, and any other information that is known is written into a record register.

meaning and functions of museum

3. Preservation of Materials

The main goal of museums is to keep certain things safe. The people in charge of museums (curators) know that nothing will last forever. What museums try to do is make sure that objects last as long as possible.

There are two steps to preservation in a museum: i) Specimens must be kept in a way that keeps them from getting worse, (ii) The samples need to be kept safe.

4. Research of Specimens

One important thing that museums do is try to learn as much as they can from the things they have on display. To share the results of research on their collections, many museums put out scholarly journals, series of papers, and books.

5. Exhibition of Materials

Different people on the museum staff get the new items ready for display. The pieces chosen for an exhibition are shown in many different ways. The main thing that determines which approach and technique to use is the purpose of the exhibit.

6. Education of Specimens

In order to make the most of the collection, a number of different universities have begun offering particular classes in specialised fields within museums. Therefore, museums contribute to the dissemination of education.