Microbiology Test

Microbiology Test is an important part of school, UG and PG courses. As the subject is completely theoretical, it’s easier for students to make notes while reading the chapters. Taking notes not only helps in understanding the topic but also makes our studies organised. So, to help students with their studies we are providing the Microbiology Test for school, UG and PG students. 

1. Acid Fast Staining Procedure Steps

2. Albert Stain Principle, Procedure, Result

3. Ames test In Vitro

4. Benedict’s test for Glucose Procedure

5. Blood Agar Composition and Uses

6. Butyrate Disk Test Principle and Procedure

7. Capsule Staining Principle and Procedure

8. Carbohydrate Fermentation Test Method

9. Casein Hydrolysis Test Principle and Procedure

10. Catalase Test Principle and Procedure

11. Chemical Composition of Mannitol Salt Agar

12. Chemical Composition of Starch Casein Agar

13. Coagulase Test Principle and Procedure

14. DNase Test Principle and Procedure

15. Gelatin Hydrolysis Test Procedure

16. Hanging Drop Method Principle, Procedure, Result

17. Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Production Test

18. Kligler Iron Agar Test

19. Leucine Aminopeptidase Test Microbiology

20. Lipase Assay Protocol

21. Litmus Milk Test Procedure

22. MacConkey Agar Composition and Uses

23. Methyl Red Test Principle Procedure and Results

24. Most Probable Number Test Principle & Method

25. MRS Broth Test Principle and Procedure

26. Negative Staining Procedure in Bacteria

27. Nitrate Reduction Test Principle and Procedure

28. Novobiocin Sensitivity Test Procedure

29. Nutrient Agar Composition and Uses

30. Oxidase Test Procedure for Bacteria

31. Oxidation Fermentation Test Procedure

32. Phenol Red Carbohydrate Fermentation Test

33. PYR Test Principle and Procedure

34. Pyruvate Broth Test Principle and Procedure

35. Serial Dilution Method of Counting Bacteria

36. Simple Staining Procedure, Principle, Result

37. Smear Fixation for Microscopy Studies

38. Spread Plate Method for Isolation of Bacteria

39. Starch Hydrolysis Test Procedure

40. Test for Production of Beta Lactamase

41. Triple Sugar Iron Agar Test Procedure

42. Urease Test Principle and Procedure

43. Voges Proskauer Test Principle Procedure

Microbiology protocols are created by subject experts and are written in such a way that students can easily understand and remember them. These notes will also play an effective role during revision and exam preparation. Students can also download these Microbiology Test in the form of pdf for later reference.