Mineral Nutrition MCQ

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Mineral Nutrition MCQ

Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur, potassium, calcium, and magnesium are examples of macronutrients. Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are primarily obtained from CO2 and H2O, while the others are absorbed as mineral nutrition from the soil.

MCQ on Mineral Nutrition

1. A common symptom of P, K, Ca, and Mg deficiency in plants is the?

a. Bending of leaf tip

b. Formation of anthocyanins

c. Poor development of vasculature

d. Appearance of dead necrotic tissue

2. Function of zinc is

a. Closing of stomata

b. Biosynthesis of 3-IAA

c. Synthesis of chlorophyll

d. Oxidation of carbohydrate

3. Which of the following is a micronutrient group?

a. Ca, Zn, B

b. Fe, Mn, Cu

c. Cl, C, Ca

d. Ni, Mo, H

4. The process of converting NO2 to N2 is known as?

a. Nitrification

b. Ammonification

c. Denitrification

d. Nitrogen Fixation

5. Formation of first stable product of nitrogen fixation is catalysed by enzyme?

a. Dehydrogenase

b. Nitrogenase

c. Isomerase

d. None of these

6. Manganese toxicity causes a deficiency in?

a. Iron

b. Calcium

c. Magnesium

d. All of the above

7. Chlorosis will occur if a plant is grown in?

a. Dark

b. Shade

c. Strong light

d. Fe – free medium

8. Choose the correct function of magnesium?

a. It is a constituent of several coenzyme.

b. It activates the enzymes of respiration and photosynthesis.

c. It activates enzyme catalase.

d. It helps in maintaining anion-cation balance.

9. Mineral salts which are absorbed by the roots from soil are in the form of?

a. Dilute solution

b. Very concentrated solution

c. Concentrated solution

d. Very dilute solution

10. Which of the following minerals is involved in biological nitrogen fixation?

a. Copper

b. Manganese

c. Zinc

d. Molybdenum

11. Oxygen scavengers found in legume root nodules is?

a. Haemoglobin

b. Leg haemoglobin

c. Cyano haemoglobin

d. None of these

12. Which of the following does not qualify as a micronutrient?

a. Magnesium

b. Molybdenum

c. Boron

d. Zinc

13. Which of the following does not qualify as a macronutrient?

a. Iron

b. Calcium

c. Manganese

d. Phosphorus

14. Insectivorous plants grow where?

a. There is carbohydrate deficient soil

b. There is nitrogen deficient soil

c. Vitamin c is required

d. Hormones are required

15. Phytotron is meant for?

a. Controlled humidity

b. Induction of mutations

c. Controlled irradiation

d. Growing plants under controlled environment

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Mineral Nutrition MCQ

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