Molecular Basis of Inheritance MCQ

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Molecular Basis of Inheritance MCQ

The unit of heredity is the gene. They can be found on the chromosomes that make up DNA. DNA contains all of the genetic information passed down from generation to generation. This is the molecular foundation of inheritance.

Molecular Basis of Inheritance MCQ with Answers

1. The production of nucleic acids takes happen in

a. 3’-5’ direction

b. 5’-3’ direction

c. Both ways

d. Any direction

2. What is the nature of the DNA duplex’s strands?

a. Anti-parallel and complementary

b. Identical and complementary

c. Anti=parallel and non-complementary

d. Dissimilar and non-complementary

3. The experiment by Hershey and Chase was based on the idea

a. Transformation

b. Translation

c. Transduction

d. Transcription

4. AUG stands for

a. Alanine

b. Methionine

c. N-formyl methionine

d. Glycine

5. The anti-parallel strand of DNA exists for a reason.

a. Hydrogen bond

b. Ionic bond

c. Phosphodiester bond

d. Disulphide bond

6. In a transcription unit, the promoter is located towards

a. 5’end of the structural gene

b. 3’end of the structural gene

c. 5’end of the template strand

d. 3’end of the coding strand

7. In DNA replication, the primer is

a. Small ribonucleotide polymer

b. Helix destabilizing protein

c. Small deoxyribonucleotide polymer

d. Enzyme joining nucleotides of new strands

8. The enzyme involved in transcription transports genetic information from the

a. RNA

b. Anticodon

c. DNA

d. Lysosomes

9. The enzyme involved in transcription

a. DNA Polymerase I

b. DNA Polymerase III

c. RNA Polymerase

d. DNA Polymerase II

10. Nonsensical codons are involved in

a. Releasing t-RNA from polynucleotide chain

b. Formation of unspecified amino acids

c. Terminating message of gene-controlled protein synthesis

d. Conversion of sense DNA into non-sense DNA

11. In DNA replication, the proofreading enzyme is

a. Primase

b. DNA polymerase I

c. Ligase

d. DNA polymerase II

12. Select a ribozyme

a. Peptidyl transferase

b. Helicase

c. Ribonuclease-P

d. Both (a) and (c)

13. Which step of the translation process does not take place?

a. Replication

b. Termination

c. Elongation

d. Initiation

14. Select the incorrectly matched pairs

a. Purines – Nitrogenous bases cytosine, thymine and uracil

b. Recombinant DNA – DNA formed by joining the DNA segments

c. rRNA – RNA found in ribosomes

d. ATP – The energy-carrying compound in the cell

15. The energy source for the elongation process is

a. Creatine-PO4

b. GTP

c. ATP

d. All of the above

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Molecular Basis of Inheritance MCQ

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