Molecular Biology

Molecular biology notes is an important part of school, UG and PG courses. As the subject is completely theoretical, it’s easier for students to make notes while reading the chapters. Taking notes not only helps in understanding the topic but also makes our studies organised. So, to help students with their studies we are providing the molecular biology for school, UG and PG students. 

1. 3 Main Types of Bonds in DNA Replication with Diagram

2. 3 Types of Chromosomes

3. Cell Cycle Phases in Order Explained

4. Central Dogma of Life and Its Significance

5. Chargaff Rule Ratio Formula

6. Chemical Composition of Chromosomes

7. Difference between DNA Fingerprinting and DNA Profiling

8. Difference between Exonuclease and Endonuclease Enzyme

9. Different Types of Genes and Their Functions

10. DNA Replication Enzymes and Their Functions

11. DNA Replication Meselson and Stahl Experiment

12. DNA Transcription Steps in Eukaryotes

13. Eukaryotic Chromosome Structure and Function

14. Genomic DNA Extraction Protocol

15. Lac Operon Concept in Bacteria

16. Mobile Genetic Elements in Eukaryotes

17. mRNA Processing Steps in Eukaryotes

18. Operon Model of Gene Regulation in Prokaryotes

19. Polytene Chromosome Structure and Function

20. Purine and Pyrimidine Bases in DNA and RNA

21. Real-Time PCR Principle and Procedure

22. RNA Isolation from Tissue with Trizol Protocol

23. RNA Processing Events after Transcription in Eukaryotes

24. Simple and Complex Transcription Unit

25. Simple Mendelian Inheritance in Humans

26. Structure of Nucleoside and Nucleotide

27. Three Steps of DNA Replication in Order

28. Trp operon structural genes

29. Types of DNA Mutations and Examples

30. Types of Patch Clamp Technique

31. Watson and Crick Model of DNA Structure

32. What are non-coding regions of DNA?

33. What Is Genes and Its Function

34. What Is the Mitosis Phase of the Cell Cycle?

35. What Makes DNA Negatively Charged?

36. Why Are DNA Fragments Negatively Charged

Molecular biology notes are created by subject experts and are written in such a way that students can easily understand and remember them. These notes will also play an effective role during revision and exam preparation. Students can also download these molecular biology in the form of pdf for later reference.