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Laminar flow chamber is an enclosed workstation that is used to create a contamination-free work environment through filters to capture all the environmental dust and 

Basic equipment used in cell culture lab are dependable, Unless unlimited funds are available, it will be necessary to prioritize the specific condition 

In this application of bioinformatics in biological science post we have briefly explained about various applications of bioinformatics. Sequence, function, and structure analysis.

In this is types of biological databases in bioinformatics post we have briefly explained about types of biological databases, primary, secondary, and specialist databases.

In this 5 zones of the ocean in order post we have briefly explained about ocean definition, 5 zones of ocean ecosystem in order, benthic organisms and benthic organisms zones.

In this chitin extraction from shrimp shells post we have briefly explained about chitin extraction principle, procedure, requirements, applications and limitations.

Ants are social insects that belong to the order Hymenoptera and the class Arthropoda. They are the largest and oldest insect colony of the world. A typical ant colony may contain

Abiotic factors of environment, also known as abiotic factors, are non-living elements that have an impact on the environment. These components are part of the

For survival, growth, and repair, organisms need to eat. This is how it works: Most of the food we eat is broken down and used by our bodies to make energy.

Absorptive digestion is the process by which the products of digestion are absorbed by the bloodstream and then distributed to the rest of the body.