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MCQ Questions on Plant Biotechnology

MCQ questions on plant biotechnology can help students evaluate their knowledge of concepts in Biotechnology. Plant biotechnology MCQ answers are also given to help you remember. Try our MCQ on plant biotechnology to see if you can get all the answers right for the plant biotechnology MCQ questions below.

Plant Biotechnology MCQ

Plant biotechnology is a collection of techniques used to modify plants to meet specific needs or opportunities. 

1. Which one of the following plant products has genes of a bacterium?

  1. Bt. Brinjal
  2. Golden delicious Apple
  3. Dashari Mango
  4. Amrapali Mango

2. Which of the following is a unique feature of ‘Flavr Savr’ Tomato?

  1. Deep red colour
  2. Resistance to insects
  3. Improved shelf life
  4. Sweet in flavor

3. Which of the following is a monocotyledonous plant?

  1. Ground nut
  2. Corn
  3. Bengal gram
  4. Sun flower

4. Crossing of F1 with one of its recessive parents is called

  1. Top cross
  2. Back cross
  3. Test cross
  4. Gametogenesis

5. Clones are

  1. Plants raised from a single totipotent cell of the parent plant
  2. Population of plants produced vegetative or by apomixis
  3. Genetically similar to the parent plant
  4. All of the above

6. Plant biotechnology involves

  1. Production of valuable products in plants
  2. Rapid clonal multiplication of desired genotypes
  3. Production of virus free plants
  4. All of these

7. The most common solidifying agent used in micropropagation is

  1. Agar
  2. Dextran
  3. Mannan
  4. All of these

 8. Which of the following is best suited method for production of virus free plants?

  1. Embryo culture
  2. Meristem culture
  3. Ovule culture
  4. Anther culture

9. Batch cultures are type of suspension culture where

  1. Medium is continuously replaced
  2. Medium is loaded only at the beginning
  3. No depletion of medium occurs
  4. Cellular wastes are continuously removed and replaced

10. Immobilized cell bioreactors are based on

  1. Cells cultures in solid medium
  2. Cells cultured in liquid medium
  3. Cells entrapped in gels
  4. All of these

11. All are plant derived alkaloids except

  1. Menthol
  2. Nicotine
  3. Quinine
  4. Codeine

12. All are plant derived elicitors except

  1. Chitin
  2. Pectin
  3. Cellulose
  4. Pectic acid

13. The culturing of cells in liquid agitated medium is called

  1. Liquid culture
  2. Micro propagation
  3. Agar culture
  4. Suspension culture

14. The modification of exogenous compounds by plant cells is called

  1. Biotransformation
  2. Bioconversion
  3. Both a and b
  4. Biophytomodification

15. Artificial seeds are

  1. Seeds produced in laboratory condition
  2. Seeds encapsulated in a a gel
  3. Somatic embryos encapsulated in a gel
  4. Zygotic embryos encapsulated in a gel

Answer Key

1. Bt. Brinjal

2. Improved shelf life

3. Corn

4. Test cross

5. All of the above

6. All of these

7. Agar

8. Meristem culture

9. Medium is loaded only at the beginning

10. Cells entrapped in gels

11. Menthol

12. Chitin

13. Suspension culture

14. Both a and b

15. Somatic embryos encapsulated in a gel

We hope plant biotechnology MCQ post helps you understand about plant biotechnology, principle, applications, advantages and disadvantages of plant biotechnology MCQ. 

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