Botany Notes

Two Kingdom Classification System: Plantae, and Animalia: Biological classification of plants and animals was first proposed by Aristotle on the basis of, Read More >>>>>

Linnaeus later classified all living organisms into two kingdoms, Read More >>>>>

Artificial Propagation: Conventional  and Modern Methods:  Some of the artificial propagation methods have been used by man for a long time, Read More >>>>>

It is the method of producing a new plant by cutting the plant, Read More >>>>>

Five Kingdom System of Classification: Merits, Demerits: The Five kingdoms are Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae and Animalia. Classification, Read More >>>>>

This kingdom includes eukaryotic unicellular mostly, Read More >>>>>

Algae: Introduction, Definition, Character, Types, Examples: Algae are simple plants that lack true roots, true stems and true leaves. Two-third of our, Read More >>>>>

More than half of the total primary productivity of the world, Read More >>>>>

Photosynthesis: Definition, Significance, and Site of Photosynthesis: The plants get energy from sun by converting solar or radiant energy into, Read More >>>>>

Photosynthesis produces 1700 million tonnes of dry matter, Read More >>>>>

Factors affecting Photosynthesis: Internal and External factors: The following article highlights the fourteen main external and internal factors, Read More >>>>>

In 1860, Sachs gave three cardinal points theory explaining, Read More >>>>>

Biofertilizers and Bio-Pesticides: Definition, Types, Applications: Bio-fertilizers defined as preparations containing living cells or latent cells of efficient, Read More >>>>>

Biofertilizers are designed to improve the soil fertility, plant, Read More >>>>>

Plant Breeding: Selection, types, Hybridization: Plant breeding is the science of improvement of crop varieties with higher yield, better, Read More >>>>>

In early days, plant breeding activities were based mainly on skills, Read More >>>>>

Cereal: Definition, Major Cereals and Minor Cereals (Rice, Wheat, Maize): The word cereal is derived from Ceres, which according to the, Read More >>>>>

Cereals can be classified into two different types based on their, Read More >>>>>

Plant Tissue Culture: Facilities, Technique Involved, Types: Plant tissue culture is used to describe the in vitro and aseptic growth of any plant, Read More >>>>>

Washing facility for glassware and ovens for drying glassware, Read More >>>>>

Importance of Taxonomy, Rules, Identifying Characteristics: In the world there are numerous plants and animals of diverse nature. It is not. Read More >>>>>

With the help of classification we can learn scientifically with less, Read More >>>>>

Onion Root Squash – Preparation and Observation:  For onion root squash, the roots can be easily produced by placing an onion on a water-filled, Read More >>>>>

In just two days, about one centimetre long roots emerged, Read More >>>>>

Onion Root Tip Metaphase Observation Using Acetocarmine Stain: Just behind the root cap on the onion root tip is meristematic tissue, Read More >>>>>

The roots can be easily produced if an onion is placed on a, Read More >>>>>

Staining Onion Cells with Methylene Blue: In methylene blue staining If an onion is placed atop a water-filled conical flask, the root can be easily, Read More >>>>>

Methylene blue is charged positively.  When DNA and, Read More >>>>>

Plant Extracts: Extraction, and Preparation Methods: Plant Extracts, as the term is used in research, involves the separation of medicinally active, Read More >>>>>

The products so obtained from plants are relatively impure liquids, Read More >>>>>

Plant Phytochemical Screening Methods: An Alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, flavones, sterols, terpenes, cardiac, protein, and lipids were, Read More >>>>>

1mL of extract was taken and placed into a test tube. Then 1mL , Read More >>>>>

Wagner’s Alkaloids Detection Test: Alkaloids are a class of basic, secondary plant substances that usually have a hetero-cycle including, Read More >>>>>

They are water insoluble but soluble in organic solvents such, Read More >>>>>

Mayer’s Alkaloids Detection Test: Mayer’s reagent is an alkaloid precipitating reagent used for the detection of alkaloids in natural products, Read More >>>>>

1mL of extract was taken and placed into a test tube. Then 1mL, Read More >>>>>

Extraction from Plant Samples: Techniques for Enhanced Extraction: Quite numbers of procedures were technically used in extraction of medicinal, Read More >>>>>

Heat-stable plant material is extracted using Soxhlet, Read More >>>>>

Separation of  Plant Bioactive Compounds; Physical Methods: Fractionation is a process of separation of plant extracts into various fractions, Read More >>>>>

Physical methods used in separation of compounds from, Read More >>>>>

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