Resources and Their Classification

Resources and their classification post explains about how many types of natural resources and 3 different types of natural resources.

Resources and Their Classification

What are Natural Resources?

A natural resource may be defined as any material given to us by nature which can be transformed in a way that it becomes more valuable and useful.

For an example wood is used for making furniture. Yarn obtained from cotton is used for weaving cloth. Likewise, various machine, tools and household goods are made of metals. Now furniture, clothes, machine, tools are more valuable than their raw form i.e. raw form i.e. wood, cotton and metal, respectively. The wood, metal resources.

It is impossible to obtain valuable items from any resources. Thus, water, minerals, forests, wildlife as well as human beings are resources. Any material may be called, as a resource provided and appropriate technology is available to transform that into more valuable goods.

Different Types of Natural Resources

1. Renewable Resources

Resources, which can be renewed along with their exploitation, are always available for use. Hence they are called renewable resources. For instance, forests are renewable. If trees are felled for wood, original forest covers may be maintained through planning new trees i.e. a forestation. Likewise, solar energy and wind energy are examples of renewable resources.

2. Non-renewable Resources

The formation of some resources like iron ore, coal, mineral oil etc. has taken several thousand years. Once they are used in unlimited way, they cannot be easily replaced. Thus, their exploitation at large scale will result in their fast depletion. Some such resources are called non-renewable resources or exhaustible.

3. Cyclic Resources

For resources there is no final use as they can be used continuously. For example, water used in industry and domestic ways can be cleaned and used again for similar or other purpose. Such resources are given the name of cyclic Resources.

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