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Richard Dawkins The Selfish Gene – 4th Edition

Richard Dawkins published “The Selfish Gene” in 1976, a book that transformed our understanding of evolution. The basic argument of Richard Dawkins The Selfish Gene is that genes, not persons, are the driving force of evolution, and that the “selfish” behaviour of genes can explain much of the apparent selflessness of animals.

Richard Dawkins The Selfish Gene – 4th Edition

Figure 1: Richard Dawkins The Selfish Gene

Some people at the time of “The Selfish Gene’s” publication claimed that Dawkins was advocating a genetic determinism that downplayed the importance of upbringing and upbringing’s influence on behaviour. But now it is generally agreed that the book is a classic of popular science writing, and that Dawkins’ views have had a profound impact on the next generation of biologists and philosophers.

This revised and updated edition of “The Selfish Gene” features a new preface written by Dawkins that considers the book’s impact and relevance in light of fresh scientific findings. As an added bonus, he addresses some of the accusations levelled against his work and provides his perspective on why his concepts remain relevant today.

“The Selfish Gene” is a book that will challenge your assumptions and broaden your perspective of the world, whether you are a biologist, a student of science, or someone interested in the big problems of life. Dawkins’s prose is easy to read and interesting, and his concepts are thought-provoking and vital. Let me know how you like this updated classic.

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The Selfish Gene summary, Richard Dawkins The Selfish Gene gives a unique and thought-provoking view of evolution and natural selection. Dawkins challenges traditional ideas with his focus on genes and shows how important genes are in how species change over time. The book had a big effect on the field of evolutionary biology, leading to more research and talk about the topic. The Selfish Gene is still an important book that has changed the way we think about evolution and the role genes play in shaping the world around us.

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