Salivary Glands of Cockroach (Explained with Diagram)

In this article we will discuss about the salivary glands of cockroach with the help of diagram.

1. It is the slide of the cockroach’s salivary glands. These glands are structures that come in pairs and are white in colour. They may be found in the prothoracic area, one on either side of the crop.

2. The salivary glands, in reality, are made up of a glandular component and a hollow receptacle or reservoir. A duct continues to connect the receptacle to the pairs of glands on either side (Figure 1).

3. Each compressed gland is composed of hexagonal glandular cells and opens into a short, narrow duct. The ducts of two glands on one side unite to form a salivary duct, while the salivary ducts on both sides unite to form a common duct.

Salivary Glands of Cockroach

Figure 1: Salivary Glands of Cockroach

4. The common duct collects ducts from two receptacles and converts them into a large efferent salivary duct.

5. The base of the hypo pharynx, which is located on the floor of the buccal cavity, is where the efferent salivary duct opens. Digestive enzymes are secreted by the glands and are kept in reservoirs until they are needed to break down food.