Structure of Aurelia (Explained With Diagram)

In this article we will discuss about the structure of Aurelia with the help of a diagram.

1. It is a jelly fish that lives in coastal waters all over the world. Only medusoia forms make up the adults (Figure 1). The stages of schyphistoma and hydra tuba represent the polyp.

2. The body looks like an upside-down bowl or umbrella and is the same on all sides. At 8 points, the edges of the umbrella have tentacles on them.

3. Each notch bears a pair of marginal lappets that are soft and leaf-like, and there is one tentaculocyst in between lappets.

Structure of Aurelia (Explained With Diagram)

Figure 1: Structure of Aurelia

4. The top, rounded part of a bowl is called the umbrella surface, and the bottom, rounded part is called the subumbrellar surface.

5. The lower concave subumbrellar surface has a small mouth (manubrium) and four long oral arms that come off of the radiae.

6. Velum is absent but endodermal gastric tentacles are present. In each space between the rings, there is a round structure called the gastric pouch.

7. Many radial canals, both branched and unbranched, emerge from each gastric pouch. These canals travel along the subumbrellar surface of the stomach and open into a circular canal that travels along the edge.

8. Reddish and horseshoe-shaped gonads can be found running down the edge of the roof in between the arrows. The sexes are distinct, and there is a pattern of alternating generation between them.