Structure of Paramecium (With Labeled Diagram)

In this article we will discuss about the structure of paramecium. This will also help you to draw the structure and diagram of paramecium.

Structure of Paramecium Labeled Diagram

Figure 1: Structure of Paramecium Labeled Diagram

  1. It is abundant, free-living, and can even be found in water and that has been standing for some time (Figure 1).
  2. Body shaped like a slipper, with a narrow, rounded front end and a broad, pointed back end. The cilia are the same size and shape all over the body except at the tail end, where they are big and form a tuft.
  3. The body is covered by a tough and stretchy skin called a pellicle.
  4. The cytoplasm is well split into ectoplasm and endoplasm.
  5. Ectoplasm contains trichocysts in a uniform row and myonemes in longitudinal rows.
  6. There is an oral groove on one side that continues into the gullet near the middle.
  7. At the base of the gullet is an opening called the cytostome, which leads to the tubular cytopharynx.
  8. On the side behind the cytopharynx is the cytopyge or anus.
  9. Endoplasm contains a huge meganucleus shaped like a kidney and a small micronucleus.
  10. Two or more contractile vacuoles are present.
  11. Heterotrophic nutrition and asexual as well as sexual reproduction.
  12. Sexual reproduction by means of endomixis, conjugation, or hemimixis; asexual reproduction by means of binary fission.