The Difference between Enzymes and Hormones

The difference between enzymes and hormones article explains about enzymes, hormones, are hormones enzymes, enzyme vs hormone and differences between hormones and enzymes.

1. What is enzymes

2. What is hormones

3. Enzyme vs Hormone

4. Differences between hormones and enzymes

5. Difference between enzyme and hormone PDF

What is enzymes

Enzymes are proteins that help speed up the chemical reactions in our bodies, which are called metabolism. They make some things and take others apart. Enzymes are in everything that is alive. Enzymes are made by our bodies. But enzymes are also in manufactured products and food.

What is hormones

Hormones are chemicals that tell your body what to do. They go to your tissues or organs through your bloodstream. Hormones are made by glands that are made up of special groups of cells. The pineal, thymus, thyroid, adrenal, and pancreas glands are the most important endocrine glands.

Enzyme Vs Hormone

Are hormones enzymes? No, Enzymes are biological catalysts that make biochemical reactions happen faster without changing anything else. Hormones are molecules like steroids (testosterone and oestrogen) or peptides (insulin) that are made by one part of an organism and send messages to other organs or tissues to change how cells work. All the differences between hormones and enzymes are given below,

Differences between hormones and enzymes

1. Enzymes

1. They may act at the site of production or be transported to another location for action.

2. They have an exceptionally high molecular weight.

3. Enzymes are simple proteins.

4. Their actions do not deplete them.

5. They are also active at low concentrations. However, when their concentration increases, the rate of enzyme-catalyzed reactions increases continuously.

6. They act slowly.

7. They speed up the reactions.

8. Enzyme controlled reactions are reversible.

2. Hormones

1. They are made in one place and transported to another by blood to be used.

2. Their molecular weight is low.

3. Steroids, proteins, peptides, and amino acid derivatives are all examples of hormones.

4. They are drained by their actions.

5. They work well at low concentrations. Their abundance or scarcity might pose problems.

6. They have the ability to behave slowly or quickly.

7. They can speed up or slow down specific reactions.

8. Hormone-dependent reactions are irreversible.

Difference between enzyme and hormone PDF

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